Enhance Your Snapchat Experience

News 10:12 December 2019:

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Nowadays, almost everyone seems to be busy with their mobile phones, especially the youngsters. The addictive nature of the Snapchat app makes its users want to use their mobile phones every now and then, if not attracting more Snapchat followers; they are following stories or updating posts on live events. If you are new to this app, there various operations that you probably do not know, including:

  • Enlarging emojis – after you have typed your text, tap on the “T” symbol and then use two fingers to zoom the emoji character. This may be used to enlarge or make emojis smaller.
  • Viewing snaps and stories – to view a snap or a story on Snapchat, you need to tap on it rather than tapping and holding it. To skip to the next story or snap, you only to hit the screen once.
  • Getting to know who viewed your stories – to get to know who viewed your stories on this platform, you should tap on the story. This will present an eyeball symbol and a number next to it.  To see the snapchat followers who viewed the story, click on this number and you will get the list of names.