How to attract your Facebook, email and twitter friends to follow you on Instagram

News 02:11 November 2019:

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Some people have thousands of friends on twitter while others attract thousands of likes on their Facebook posts but have very few followers on Instagram. Is that possible? Of course it is. Whereas jokes and inspirational messages may be the basis of many followers on most social media networks, on Instagram is all about posting glamorous pictures. Instagram is like an online art gallery and only the smartest users gain the most instagram followers.Instagram is also a place where you can become an overnight sensation especially if you play your cards right.

The first secret to build your following is to follow others. Begin by following your suggested users, follow as many as you can and then start posting quality pictures consistently. Actually, Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, is very good at showing you all your Facebook friends who are on this network. Follow them as well. After that, start linking your Instagram account to your blog, post it on your twitter handle and link it with your blog or email address. But don’t just post the Instagram handle, ask people to follow you by posting strong call to action messages.