How to post Video clips that attract many Musically Likes

News 04:11 November 2019:

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it’s all about videos, lip syncing and having fun. You can become a popular user in quite a short period of time, but you may never even get a 100 musically likes if your posts are poor in quality and boring to watch. Start with your background, ensure that you have good lighting in the room, stay in front of a neat and attractive background and as always ensure there is minimum noise around where you are.

When it comes to taking videos, use a high quality video camera if possible. Avoid taking your videos with mobile phones unless they have great video editing features. You may also work as a team and have some people work on the sound technicalities while others ensure that you get the least distraction possible. The quality of your clips will also be affected by the content inside them. If it is meant to be a funny clip, use all tricks you know off to come up with funny and creative posts. In fact, posts with the highest musically likes are in most cases humor intended.