Saving Original Photos on Instagram

News 07:06 June 2018:

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The majority of applications used to share media today do so by compressing the images in question. This is to say the resultant image is different from the original one posted. This is beneficial in some cases in that it helps users save on their data usage. While you main objective may be to attract more instragram likes to your posts, you may also need to preserve the original image or even post it in its original form to the Instagram social media platform.

Among the various adjustment to this social media platform is one that allows its users to save their images in their original format prior to posting them or altering with them for the purpose of marketing. The option to save original images on Instagram is available on the menu option provided by the platform. To access this option, you need to navigate to your Instagram profile page and then click on the menu option, presented in the form of three dots. Saving the original allows you to access and make use of it in the attempt to attract more instagram likes.